I am a stay-at-home crafting wife, though sometimes I describe myself as a “lady of leisure.”  No matter the title, I am honored to spend my time being a co-creator with God.

I quit my job at the beginning of 2010 in order to be ready to parent once we were matched with an infant through domestic adoption.  Things were looking good at first until the tide turned and today we are still waiting for a match.   Meanwhile, I took up my crochet hook and sewing machine and got to work making gifts for friends and sewing worship flags for church.  It didn’t take long for my mom to suggest I share a table with her at a craft fair in the fall.  I decided to put the leftover merchandise for sale online at  Etsy and Bonanza.  Much of what I create doesn’t get sold and I want to share those projects with the internet community that’s given so much back to me; that’s why I started zuzuberrycrafts.wordpress.com.

When I’m not crafting or thinking about crafting, I’m cooking or looking for new recipes, managing my expansive vegetable garden, getting some fresh air, taking stock photography pictures, developing my writing and editing skills, and sharing life with my favorite people – husband, cats, friends, and family included.


P.S. I would be negligent if I didn’t say: if you know someone considering an adoption plan for their child, let them know about us.  Our adoption website is dillnbee.wordpress.com.


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