Top Ten Crochet Hat Patterns

I LOVE to crochet hats, yes, I do!  I love crochet hats, how about you? Further honoring National Crochet Month, here’s a top ten list of my favorite hat crochet patterns.  By far, I crochet hats more than anything else.  That’s because they come together quick and easy and there’s a lot of variety to the colors and styles.  But before you start making hats, here’s a super helpful sizing guide (do note, the height includes at least 1″ for rolling the brim; if the style doesn’t call for a rolled brim, you’ll want to shorten the height).

10. Granny Square Hat 1 by Crafty Christina

Inspired by my entire reason for learning to crochet – the Granny Square – this was the first style of hat I ever made. This was a quick way to put those granny squares to work!

granny hat

9. Lace Hat by Red Heart

Sock Yarn gets me every time I’m in the store.  There’s something about the color patterns and combinations.  But I have no patience for crocheting socks, so patterns that use sock yarn, I’m a sucker. I used Red Heart’s Heart & Sole Sock Yarn in Green Envy and added a flower on top for fun. It turned out baby sized, but I still loved it!

lace hat

8. Granny Square Hat 2 by Bernat

The granny square pattern can be turned into a round and then into a hat!

Infant Granny Bonnet - $10

7. Kid Stuff Stripes from Crochet Celebrity Slouchy Beanies for the Family

These are so cute! I hope I have my own little girl some day so I can give her these to wear. I made these using Knit Picks’ shine worsted yarn made from pima cotton and modal. Love that stuff and the colors are so vibrant!

Child Cotton/Modal Slouchy Hat - $15 Child Cotton/Modal Slouchy Hat  - $15  

6. Phannie Beret by Berroco

I used too heavy of a yarn for this (Lion Brand Amazing Yarn), but it still turned out lovely, in my opinion. I love the ridges.


5. Brain Waves Beanie by Liz McQueen

I love the look of this hat and it has endless color combinations. I even used the wave concept to make a baby blanket.

brain waves hat

4. Zoe’s New-Wave Hat by Maureen Basher, found in “Crochet Accessories 2010“.
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Similar to Brain Waves but more interesting! I’m not entirely sure what happened, but somehow this pattern came out infant sized. Still, it’s so ADORBS! 

ZoesNewWave copy

3. Big Girl Bonnet by Karla Rae on Ravelry

Super versatile pattern that is endless fun!

Acrylic Bonnet, Toddler - $12


2. Divine – by Rheatheylia

I made this hat for myself during a car ride from Seattle to Leavenworth, less than 2 hours! I also made it using Deborah Norville Serenity Sock Yarn for an infant and it turned out amazing!

Green Divine Hat

1. Seija Set Baby Hat from Stitch ‘N Bitch Crochet: The Happy Hooker

While I never made the hat exactly as described, it was the first ear flap pattern I ever used and it has been a total work horse across numerous variations.  Love it!

Child Wool Blend Ear Flap Hat - $12