Looking Ahead – 2012 Goals

I’m not much into New Year’s resolutions.  I gave that a solid go in my teens and 20s and often incorporated resolutions into Lenten practices.  About the time I hit my 30s, though, I was thinking more about goals – what do I want to learn or do that’s new.  Some years those goals have been dance classes or learning to do stand-up paddle boarding (a 2011 goal achieved).  Some years my goals have been to learn a new crafting skill or to grow a new type of vegetable (like tomatillos another 2011 goal achieved).  This isn’t a formal process usually, but I think I will make it formal this year.  I need some things to strive for, to look forward to in another year that looms before me with many shades of uncertainty.  I discovered early in my adulthood that when long-term goals stretch before me like an elusive pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, I need to find some short-term success to get me through.  Without giving it a lot of thought, here are my “goals” for 2012:

  1. Learn Tunisian crochet – My two grandmothers were the original inspiration for learning to crochet.  A couple of years ago, I inherited my maternal grandmother’s hooks including a few types I’d never seen before.  Turns out those mystery hooks are for Tunisian crochet.  And another mystery solved – that’s the type of stitch she used to make the yellow, orange, and green afghan with my name spelled out in giant letters that graced my bed for many years.  As I look at pictures of Tunisian crochet-based projects, I find myself excited to play with the new types of colors and textures.
  2. Learn to crochet  cables – The last knitting skill I worked on as a 10 year old was how to knit cables.  I think it was a bit ahead of me and I quit knitting shortly thereafter.  I recently ordered a subscription to Interweave Crochet and saw a few hats sporting cable-like stitches.  However, the cables were made after the fact by crocheting on top of the stitches.  They’re pretty, but when I found some tutorials on making cables while crocheting the body work, I was intrigued.  So I’ve decided to make cables part of my goals for 2012.
  3. Crochet for me – The only thing I’ve crocheted and kept for myself is the first scarf I ever made while on jury duty.  Well, it’s time for that to change.  I was given four skeins of yarn in two different colors for my birthday at the end of 2010.  They are still in their original shape and condition and I am ready to make something for me.  I keep trying to make a hat for myself, but it’s never quite what I want or it doesn’t fit right.  That must change also.
  4. Something for the garden – There’s always something new for the garden.  I’m not sure if this will happen or not, but I would love to put in another fruit tree.  In 2011, we took out a row of trees behind our vegetable garden that were overgrown and we’ve rototilled the area in preparation for some fruit bearing shrubs/vines/trees.  The raspberries are already in, we hope to get the blueberry bush (an inheritance from my husband’s grandmother) and I’d really like to put in a fig or asian pear tree.  If nothing else, I’d like to see either the blueberry bush put in or a fruit tree.  I may have to wait til next fall/winter however.
  5. Expand the family – This has been a goal for over 5 years, but I keep hoping that the next year will bear fruit in our family tree.  We want to adopt, and it’s just a matter of time and effort.  So, any of you out there reading this, if you know a woman experiencing an unplanned pregnancy and considering an adoption plan, let her know about us.  You can find a link to our adoption blog on the right side panel, or right here.  We’re all set up and ready to go.  We’re excited to be parents, but always guarding our hearts.  I hope 2012 is the year we can expand our hearts.  After all, I’m a little tired of the changing pad in the nursery being used only by the cats as their favorite bed.
  6. File:Bookspine.jpgWrite every weekday, read more often – I started a writing class this last fall to learn how to write literary fiction.  I had started working on writing a novel last summer and was doing well with my goal to write at least 1000 words every weekday.  Since I started the class, my rhythm has been off and I find myself doubting my writing as I learn more and more.  It’s time to get back in the groove and keep those words flowing – even if it’s just a blog post.  It’s cathartic and creative and you only grow as a writer by writing and reading.  I’ve lost my rhythm for  reading as well since the TV rat race started up.  I need to quit TV and use that time to read. I just find it less problematic to space out during a TV show than while reading, and sometimes you just need to space out.

Here’s to a fun and prosperous 2012!