New Skirts for Christmas

A friend recently made an order for two skirts for her nieces, one in pink and the other in purple, for Christmas.  I’m not sure what I was thinking, but I guess I decided to try something different.  I really wanted some ruffles.  I wouldn’t recommend the way I made these skirts because they’re really thick at the seam in the middle of the skirt, but they sure look cute.  Next time, I’m going to do rows of ruffles on top of a solid piece underneath instead of using a long ruffle behind a short ruffle to add length as I did in the pink skirt or even the lavendar skirt has a fat quarter under the ruffle for length.  I mean, this style makes using fat quarters easy, but it’s very bulky in the middle and it doesn’t want to lay flat. Instead it wants to poof out in the middle, which makes me think of Princess skirts with hoops under them, and maybe that’s not a bad thing.

I did learn a very valuable lesson – don’t sew when you’re sick.  I was not clear-headed and I made a bad choice for order of operations.  On the pink skirt, you’ll notice the satin pink layer on the bottom.  Well, that was added along with the piece of fabric it’s attached to after I cut a 3 inch hole out of the body of the skirt with the serger.  Bad move.  I decided to sew the two layers of ruffle onto the body of the skirt and then serge the seams.  I was again not clear-headed enough to realize that I should pull the fabric taut and away from the serger.  I just assumed the seam was the only thing feeding into the serger until I finished and it looked funny.  As I ripped the serger stitching out, I hoped that it hadn’t cut the fabric, just folded it into the stitching, but no, it was cut and a huge hole emerged.  Ugh!  Have to confess here…at this point I swore, cried, and pounded on furniture. Not a pretty moment.  Once I had purged  myself of  enough anger to go back to work, I cut the ruffles off the body, trimmed the body and reattached it to the ruffles.  And then I added the layer of fabric on the bottom to extend the skirt another inch and then added the pink satin for another inch of length.  It’s a bit crazy, but I think it’s also really cute.  The poor pink skirt, it has six layers of fabric in that center seam – so stiff – but hopefully the future owner will enjoy it’s twirlability because it’s got lots of extra twirly fabric to play with!

On the pink skirt, the fabric width of the body is 2x the waist.  I think it was too much by at least 4 inches.  That’s what I get for buying fabric off a bolt.  I was more limited with the lavender skirt since it is constructed out of two fat quarters, except the ruffle, so it’s  a much better ratio of fabric and lays a little flatter.  Though it has 3 layers of fabric in the seam and it’s too thick as well.  I may have just used too much fabric for the ruffles.  Or just overlapped too many pieces of fabric with serged seams, etc.  Ah well.

Despite the challenges and flaws, I think these are really cute – enjoy!