Now on Etsy

I have a great opportunity to sell some of my crafties at a consignment store in Kalama, WA at the end of December.  So I thought I’d put a few things in my Etsy shop that haven’t had a chance to sell online yet.  I think these styles have potential for a custom order line.

The Snow Angel Hat made from Angel Hair yarn that is super soft and ear flaps to keep those ears cold in the dead of winter:


I think these slouchy hats are adorable.  I certainly sold all of the adult size slouchy hats I made at the craft fair in November, so more should come soon.


I’m currently working on a new hat based on my best selling bonnet hat and I’m excited to bring it to my blog and Etsy in the coming weeks!  Not to mention all the other ideas I have floating around.  Soon and very soon!