zuzuberry gets a website

Hello World!  That’s how every wordpress blog starts.  And so it is.  Why mess with something so perfect.  Starting a blog is saying hello to the world.  This isn’t my first blog, but it’s my first one dedicated to crafting and I’m excited to dive in.

I’ve been crafting seriously since the summer of 2010.  Before that I was an occasional sewer and a blossoming crocheter. I have grown a lot in my crafting over the last few years – my knowledge, tools, and resources have all expanded.  But let’s just get one thing straight: this is not a blog by a professional crafter; I’m still learning and I’m here as a resource to all those who, like me, want to be a better crafter.

I am grateful for all the other crafting sites out there that have inspired and taught me.  I’m also grateful to my mom who is always there to answer my crazy questions that I should have asked years ago.  I’m grateful for my friend Jen who taught me to crochet one fall night even though she hadn’t done it herself in a long time – look what a monster you created!

I have always been a researcher.  Give me a question, I’ll find you an answer.  Life gives me lemons and I’ll look up the cellular structure and properties of the lemon, eventually finding every recipe to make the best lemonade.  I may not always get to making the lemonade, but I can certainly tell you everything you need to know about that darn lemon.

I’m not sure what my first true crafting post should be, but then again, I still don’t know how to organize this blog.  I guess I’ll just think about it while I set the blog up.  Until then, Hello World, I look forward to getting to know you better.  And if you want to get to know my crafts a bit, visit my online stores at  Etsy and Bonanza.